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When i refer to client meetings, i am referring to meetings when a project is won, fact finding for scope of work and project handover. Since i had my share of hiccups during meetings, i thought i will share you the steps that you should not try.

1) Focusing on your external appearance.

When i was extremely focused on my appearance,  i usually fumbled in my meetings. There were times when i went in a torn jeans and t shirt since it was emergency meeting and i was able to win the clients to my advantage. Then there were times when i went in my Sunday best with a tie also and i ended up flat on my terms.

Appearance plays an minimal part so focus on the major issues for the meeting instead.

2) Focusing on facts only.

In order to impress your client, they need to be sure that you can do what you claim you can do. Please don’t try to impress them with facts but find a story to meet their need which you can only do.

3) Focusing on the negative.

Don’t try to focusing on the negative when it comes to terms during a meeting. Try to focus on getting their needs met before focusing on your terms.

The featured image shows my site in charge whom i had to meet every day and if you mess up, it’s either deportation in the most extreme case so i had to learn this in the hard way.

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