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Christian Saunders via Compfight

Like I mentioned in my previous post on lab gear, it’s always essential to have an IR capture unit. Here is my top 3 IR capture units based on functionality, price, etc.


  1. http://www.usbuirt.com/

This unit is economical and user friendly. It generates hex codes which can be pasted on the IR capture softwares for AMX or Crestron.

     2. http://www.globalcache.com/products/itach/ip2irspecs/

This unit is more of a lan based controller having IR ports and receiver. It requires some configuration but is cheap.


  1. Default manufacturer IR capture unit.


This is my top list but let me know if you are using a different IR unit. Please mention your comments below.

  • Jeremy Birch

    We’ve had nothing but great experience w/ Command Fusion’s IR Learner (http://store.commandfusion.com/ir-learner). And for those times when we need to control OFE gear but the mfg.’s original remote is MIA, downloading the IR codes into an inexpensive Logitech Harmony remote makes it a great proxy!

    • Thanks Jeremy for adding your inputs. I still haven’t tried the Command Fusion IR learner yet.