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Every week, I am highlighting on some of the incredible people who are in the Audio Video Industry. As this blog is mostly about AV insiders, today we are profiling Sam Malik.

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Here is a brief intro about him

Sam Malik has worked in the Audiovisual industry for over 20 years.

1.Describe your journey in the AV industry? How did it start?

I began my career working with new technology called “PC’s” back in 1980. After 13 years working with Apple, IBM, Compaq and others, I wanted to make another technology leap, but still stay in a related field to Computers. I found the dawn of the AV or Audio Video Industry. Initially going to work for a company named: nView in Virginia I was a Regional Sales Manager selling their Flat Panel Technology that connected to a computer and laid on top of an overhead projector in order to display computer images on a big screen. These only produced 150 lumens of brightness and most were SVGA or XGA but this was early projection technology. I was recruited a year later by Toshiba to join them and launch their Projector business in the USA. I was the first employee of this Division and we quickly grew to nearly 50 people and $100 million in annual sales revenue. I left Toshiba to join Vivitech a Delta Company for 1 year and then was recruited by SANYO to join their Projector team. After 4.5 years at Sanyo, they were purchased by Panasonic and I departed and joined Premier Mounts and got to work with Len Dozier for a year. Premier gave me additional International experience as they had an office in the UK that sold throughout Europe. I was recruited by an old Sanyo Co-Worker to come back into the projector business and joined ASK Proxima to build the sales office in the USA. When the parent company faltered, I raised capital and became the owner of Proxima Displays Inc.

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